Background to Canadian support in Ukraine

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Canadian support in Ukraine

October 26, 2010
Lviv, Ukraine

Canada is contributing over $36 million in support of six projects aligned with the Government of Ukraine’s reform plan. Five projects are focussed on creating a climate for sustainable economic growth, while a sixth project will help improve juvenile justice services and programs.

Projects Supporting Sustainable Economic Growth:

• The State Customs Service Capacity-Building Project will help increase capacity of the State Customs Service of Ukraine to carry out its work. In particular, it will help the Service to more accurately identify goods so that the correct duties can be applied. This will result in more predictable application of customs duties and tariffs and will reduce the time it takes for goods to move through customs, helping to make it easier to do business with Ukrainian trading partners. The Canadian partner in this project is the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).
Canada contribution: $2 million

• The next phase of the Decentralized Management of Skills Training Project will help regional administrations and vocational schools across Ukraine design and deliver job training that is responsive to the changing needs of local industries and businesses, including small and medium-sized enterprises. The extension will support the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labour in implementing programs across the country. The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges are implementing this project.
Canada contribution: Increase of $2 million of new funding for a total value of $7 million

• The Support for Economic Growth and Development in Local Municipalities Project will focus on achieving practical improvements in municipal economic development planning and the delivery of services that support economic development in up to 10 Ukrainian cities in the Lviv and Dnipropetrovs’k regions. The project is being implemented by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.
Canada contribution: $14.15 million

• The Improving Regional Economic Development Planning Project will introduce evidence-based analytical planning tools to better inform the economic development planning process in selected regions and cities of Ukraine. The Conference Board of Canada is the Canadian partner.
Canada contribution: $10 million

• The extension of the Regional Governance and Development Project will help Ukraine implement a successfully-piloted regional strategic planning model at the national level. In expanding the model to the national level, the Ukrainian government will implement a training program and policies related to regional economic development. The Canadian Urban Institute is the Canadian partner for this project.
Canada contribution: Increase of $2.1 million in new funding for a total value of $7.6 million

New Canadian Project Supporting Children and Youth:

• The Juvenile Justice Reform Project will develop the capacity of key public institutions to deliver an effective juvenile justice system. The project will support the development of a national legislative and policy framework, the training of judges and others involved in the delivery of the juvenile justice system, and strengthen the delivery of juvenile justice programs and services in pilot locations. The Canadian partner for this project is Agriteam Canada.
Canada contribution: $6,200,000

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