Survivors of a meltdown: 25 years after Chernobyl–survivors-of-a-meltdown-25-years-after-chernobyl

Leslie Ferenc

Staff Reporter

NOTE: This article has been edited from a previous version.

As the Japanese recover from the devastation of a tsunami and the quake-stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, Ukrainians worldwide prepare to mark the 25th anniversary of the another nuclear disaster – Chernobyl.

Victims and survivors will be remembered at a Toronto concert May 6 organized by the Children of Chornobyl Canadian Fund, a charity founded in 1990 and dedicated to the medical needs of those affected by the April 26, 1986 disaster in Ukraine, the worst nuclear power plant accident in history.

The charity’s mandate has since evolved to provide technical aid and medical support to hospitals in Ukraine, said co-chair Dr. Michael Kondracki.

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