Chornobyl 25th Commemoration in Montreal


Montreal Community Marks 25th Anniversary of Chornobyl Nuclear Disaster

UCC Montreal – The Montreal Ukrainian community joined the communitiesworldwide in marking the 25th anniversary of the Chornobyl Nuclear Disasteron Tuesday, April 26th. A Commemorative Service was held together withrepresentatives of the Ukrainian Catholic and Ukrainian Orthodox churches,followed by a solemn remembrance program held at the Assumption of the BlessedVirgin Parish in Rosemount. Every year the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Montrealbranch marks Ukraine’s tragic nuclear disaster.Participating in the service were Rev. Oleh Korecky, Rev. Roman Lahola, Rev. IhorOshchipko and Nazar Yuriv from the Ukrainian Catholic churches in Montreal andRev. Ihor Kutash, Rev. Wolodymyr Kouchnir from the Ukrainian Orthodox churches.Rev. Korecky read the sermon recalling the impact the Chornobyl disaster had onthe population and its long term effects on Ukraine and its people today. The churchchoir was led by choir conductor Marika Czolij.The program consisted of the trio singers Vera Turko-Kulycka, OksanaKotskovych, Roman Kostyk ; poetry readings by Sonia Kulyckya and Pani IrenaPawliw; and a performance by bass baritone on the bandura Wolodymyr Mota.UCC cultural chairperson and coordinator of the event Bohdanna KlecorHawryluk in her concluding remarks mentioned Evhen Czolij, president of WorldCongress of Ukrainians and former president of UCC Montreal spoke at UnitedNations in New York on a session on the 25th anniversary of Chornobyl and thatPavlo Grod, president of UCC National sent a press release to all media in Canadaconcerning this year’s commemoration events. President of UCC Montreal branch isZorianna Hrycenko-Luhova.An article about the Chornobyl disaster appeared in the Aril 26th issue ofMontreal’s The Gazette and coverage was given on CBC radio by host LoreenPendera, conducting an interview with Olena Kulishova who was in Kyiv when theexplosion took place, currently living in Montreal. Simon Kouklewsky producer ofUkrainian Time community radio provided special coverage of the event.Symbolically, at the end of the program, individual white carnations were placedin a small procession in front of the church alter, in remembrance of the manychildren affected by Chornobyl’s radiation with its consequences felt 25 years later.


Photo I.D. P1000598 (l to rt ): Wolodymyr Mota (front) with Rev. Oleh Korecky, UCCcultural chairperson Bohdanna Klecor-Hawryluk, choir conductor Marika Czolij andUCC Montreal president Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova (standing in back).Photo credit: Yurko Kulyckyj
Photo I.D. P1000599: Montreal Priests from the Ukrainian Catholic and UkrainianOrthodox churches together during the Chornobyl Commemorative service.

Photo credit: Simon Kouklewsky

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