“Genocide Revealed” Wins for Best Historical Film in Honolulu

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Genocide Revealed Wins for Best Historical Film in Honolulu

Montreal:  The 75-minute feature documentary Genocide Revealed on the Kremlin-engineered genocide of the Ukrainian nation has won  “Best Historical Film” at the Honolulu International Film Awards.  The award was presented to the film’s director Yurij Luhovy on the 20th year of the awards competition whose mission is “to recognize the finest in independent cinema”.  Over 5,000 entries in various categories were received from around the world.

The formal presentation took place on May 7 at the awards banquet at the famous Ilikai Hotel in Honolulu where the Hawaii 5-O series was launched.  Mr. Luhovy accepted the award “in memory of the victims of the Ukrainian genocide, so that they may never be forgotten”.

Following the banquet many came up to the filmmaker to inquire about the  film’s production and the 1932-33 Holodomor – of which they heard for the first time.

An extended interview with Luhovy was conducted by Lev Hura, producer of the community television program in Honolulu. The program focuses on activist issues important to the island of Hawaii.  Mr. Hura, who with his wife Marika are very  active in the community in Hawaii and in the small congregation of the St. Sophia Ukrainian Catholic Mission in Honolulu, is finalizing a one-hour television special on the making of Genocide Revealed. The special will be aired several times.  It will reach tens of thousands of viewers in the state, very few of whom know of the Stalinist regime’s crimes against the Ukrainian nation.

“Winning ‘Best Historical Film’ and having the documentary receive international exposure will help bring deserved awareness to one of the 20th century’s greatest tragedies”, Mr Luhovy said.

A shorter educational version of the documentary is being made for school use. For further information, to arrange a showing of Genocide Revealed or to support this project, please contact Yurij Luhovy, 2330 Beaconsfield Ave, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 2G8, Canada; e mail mmlinc@hotmail.com: tel. 514 481 5871 or visit the

Web site www.yluhovy.com.


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International Film Festival coordinator Sean Stuart presents filmmaker Yurij Luhovy with Best Historical Film Award

Photo Credit Robert Omura


Lev Hura (left) Honolulu Community Television Producer interviewing filmmaker Yurij Luhovy (right) regarding the making of Genocide Revealed documentary

Photo credit Dane Neves

IMG 2741_c

Film Director Yurij Luhovy with main cameraperson Adriana Luhova at the Honolulu International Film Awards

Photo credit: Robert Omura


Film Director Yurij Luhovy with main cameraperson Adriana Luhova at the Honolulu International Film Awards at the Ilikai Hotel

Photo Credit:  MML Inc.




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