CFUS: 2011 Scholarly Publications Support Program







  • assists with the publication of scholarly works in Ukrainian Studies
  • half the cost of publication to a maximum of $6,500
  • annual
  • October 1 application deadline



Through its Scholarly Publications Support Program, the Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies provides financial assistance for the publication of scholarly works in the field of Ukrainian Studies.




Support will be up to a maximum of $6,500 (CDN), or half the cost of publication — whichever is less. If support is approved, funds are provided directly to the publisher.



Types of publications supported

Support will be given to original books in the field of Ukrainian Studies.

Publication of translations, new textbooks intended for university students, or the reprinting of works of exceptional scholarly value and need, may be considered.

Periodicals will not be considered nor will works of belles lettres.


Works for which support is sought should be characterized by:

  • scholarly excellence;
  • usefulness and relevance to scholars and students in the field; and
  • originality by way of advancing the field of knowledge.

Priority will be given to:

  • works in the English and French languages;
  • works of potential use to a broader rather than to a more limited readership;
  • works dealing with the broad history, culture, society and heritage of Ukraine and Ukrainians generally;
  • in terms of geographic preference, works relating to Ukraine, the Ukrainian community in Canada, followed by the Ukrainian diaspora.



Who may apply

Support will be given to Canadian scholars and other scholars who publish with Canadian presses.  Preference will be given primarily in support of the work of those scholars affiliated with Canadian universities or equivalent Canadian institutions of higher learning.


Applications will be accepted only from the author/originator of the work in question after a commitment to publish from an established academic publisher and a commitment to co-fund has been secured.  Applications for support after a publication has appeared in print will not be considered.

Application requirements

Applicants should submit a request pertaining to the Scholarly Publications Program to the Foundation’s office by October 15, together with the following supporting documentation:


  • a letter from the intended publisher stating that the manuscript has been reviewed by competent academic experts and has been recommended for publication;
  • an estimate of the cost of publication;
  • a statement detailing the financial contribution to be made by the publisher and other funding agencies (if any) covering hard costs;
  • a letter or letters from funding agencies (if these are known to the publisher) stating dollar commitment to the project;
  • the manuscript’s “preliminary material” (preface, introduction and table of contents).
  • anticipated specifications of the finished work (number of pages, press run, etc.) and anticipated date of publication; and




Publications made possible by the Foundation’s support must carry acknowledgment of that support (including the Foundation’s logo) in a manner and place in that publication as is customary.


Author or publisher shall provide CFUS with three (3) complimentary copies of the publication.




Decisions regarding applications under this program rest with the Foundation’s Board of Directors and are final once made.


The Foundation reserves the right not to award any grant in years where none of the submissions meet the criteria or are deemed worthy of support by the review committee.



All submissions should be sent in electronically to: to the attention of

CFUS – Scholarly Publications Program


For further information, you may contact the Office at:

416-766-9630 or toll free – 1-877-766-7630


Download (DOC, 43KB)

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