Holodomor Workshop for teachers

October 19, 2011

Dear Leaders and Educators of the Ukrainian Bilingual Program and Holodomor Education,

You are cordially invited to attend:

The Holodomor Education Workshop for teachers in the Ukrainian Bilingual Schools

4:30 – 7:30 p.m.

Wednesday, Oct. 19

Room 228

Education Building

University of Manitoba

Supper will be provided

Parking is available behind the Education Building (building 41 on the Map provided below) and nearby free of charge after 4:30.

This session will provide teachers in Ukrainian – English bilingual schools with information, resources, and strategies for integrating Holodomor education in their classrooms.

Presenter: Valentina Kuryliw  the UCC  chair of Holodomor education, is a national expert on this subject from Toronto will be in town for the SAGE conference. Valentina is a Canadian of Ukrainian descent. She has taught world history in the public schools of the province of Ontario, mostly in Toronto, for the past thirty years. In addition to teaching, she continues to work on the methodology of teaching and has prepared teaching materials on The Great Famine in Ukraine 1932–1933 and The Internment of Ukrainian Canadians in World War II. Ms. Kuryliw is one of the founders of the Institute for the Professional Development of Teachers at the World Congress of Ukrainians.

If you know of other interested educators who wish to attend, please have them contact Val Noseworthy at   Val.noseworthy@gov.mb.ca We want to ensure adequate refreshments and resources for all participants.

Thank you.


Download (PDF, 416KB)

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