Career & Cultural Education Experience

The Mohyla Institute is hosting its first ever Career & Cultural Education Experience on November 8 and 9th. This program is aimed at Grade 8-12 students throughout the province, and we hope to have many schools participate over the next few months. The program consists of a one or two day visit to Mohyla Institute. During this visit activities have been organized that assist teachers in providing their students an experience that broadly covers core curriculum aspects, primarily in the area of career education, history and culture. Attached are a few documents that will help you get a sense of what our first Career & Cultural Education Experience is looking like.


Our first set of students, arriving November 8th, 2011, have already indicated that they are very excited about their visit, and expressed a particular interest in cooking, baking and eating Ukrainian food as well as the coverage of Holodomor.


At this time, we would like to invite you to consider volunteering your time and expertise, whether it is in the area of cooking, cross-stitch, music, history, etc. If you would be interested and available to help in any way, or know anyone that you think might be, please let us know. Alumni and community involvement would add another dimension to this program that would be appreciated by all involved.


Looking forward to your comments and assistance!

Lucille McInnes

Executive Director

Career & Cultural Experience – Itinerary

Download (PDF, 217KB)

Career & Cultural Experience – Letter to Parents

Download (PDF, 213KB)

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