L’viv Summer Course 2012 Open to Canadian and International Students! Register Now!

The Ukrainian Language and Literature Program at the UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA is pleased to announce the eleventh annual travel-study course in Lviv, Ukraine:

“Ukrainian Through Its Living Culture”

Instructor: Dr. Alla Nedashkivska

Please note that the 2012 European Football Championship (UEFA), commonly referred to as Euro 2012, will be hosted by Poland and Ukraine between June 8 and July 1, 2012. L’viv will be abuzz with sports fans, who will be attending matches on June 9, 13, and 17.This will provide a chance for students take in the local flavour and practice their language skills in a hands-on setting.

This is an intensive course designed to enhance practical language skills through a direct experience of current life in Ukraine. UKR 300/400 employs contemporary popular culture and media, taking maximum advantage of the urban Lviv environment to expand vocabulary and comprehension. All instruction is in Ukrainian.

This course is open to all residents of Canada as well as all international students.

Individuals who attend institutions other than the University of Alberta should apply for admission to Open Studies before contacting the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies for registration.

Call Open Studies(780) 492-4601.

Course site

Tuition fees in 2012 (6 credits, approximate):

Canadian Students: $1233.44 CDN * $1252.11 CDN**
International Students: $3643.27 CDN * $2449.23 CDN**

ROOM and BOARD (Includes all breakfasts and dinners): $30.00-$35.00 USD per diem

Travel Costs: Airfare to Lviv is the responsibility of the student. Estimated cost: $1800.00 CDN.

Other Expenses: Students should budget approximately $250.00 CDN for travel to sites around Lviv and additional pocket money for entrance to museums, theaters, and cinemas.
Travel and Health Insurance are the responsibility of the student.

Financial support information is on our site (click here).
To reserve a place in this course, students are urged to register by e-mail with the instructor, Dr. Alla Nedashkivska (see below), or at the department office (200 Arts Building) as early as possible (the application deadline is March 1, 2012).

MLCS Administrative Contact: MLCS Academic Contact:
Marina Menze, Undergraduate Secretary Dr. Alla Nedashkivska
Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
200 Arts Building, University of Alberta 437-D Arts Building
Edmonton, AB Canada T6G 2E6
Tel. 780-492-3272 Fax 780-492-9106.
Marina Menze marina.menze@ualberta.ca E-mail: alla.nedashkivska@ualberta.ca

From the students:

“It was the most memorable experience of my life. I learned so much about culture and language but most importantly, I learned all about where my family came from” (M.).

“Lviv, Ukraine 2011 was an AWESOME trip! Both educational and full of new experiences. I’ve been in the learning Ukrainian for 14 years in Alberta, and I discovered that I knew nothing about Ukraine until I went there. I learned the culture and the history. I enjoyed the course and learned lots. I even learned how to hand write!!” (A.).

“Lviv is an incredible city – beautiful women, awesome beer, live music and great food; how could anyone possibly say no to that?! To actually be immersed and actively engaged in Ukrainian culture and language for a month was unreal!  My language skills improved so much because of this course” (S.).

“It was truly an amazing experience to be directly in contact with my first language and learning more about my culture. I really hope that others will consider coming studying in the land of my ancestors became both a personal and academic experience that left me with knowledge and memories to reflect on” (A.).

“I think it was a great chance for me to become immersed in the language and culture, especially because I encounter those a great deal in my studies. I will never forget my trip to Ukraine” (D.).

Download (PDF, 1.21MB)

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