Statement on the Holodomor made in the House of Commons by Rick Dykstra, MP for St. Catharines, ON.


Mr. Rick Dykstra (St. Catharines, CPC): Mr. Speaker, this Sunday
afternoon at the Ukrainian Black Sea Hall on Welland Avenue, I will be
joining local members of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress at a memorial
service for the Holodomor.

As members of this House are aware, in 1932 and 1933 the Communist
regime of Joseph Stalin manufactured a famine that caused the deaths of
millions of Ukrainians through forced starvation. Holodomor is one of the
saddest stories in history, but one that must be remembered, not only to
guard against future atrocities but because the Union of Soviet Socialist
Republics tried long and hard to hide the Holodomor from the world and from

However, these tragic events happened and I am honoured to accept the
invitation of local Ukrainian Canadians in St. Catharines to honour the
memory of the victims of Holodomor.

    Vichnaya Pamyat, in everlasting remembrance.

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