Commemorating the Ukrainian genocide –

Nov 20, 2012

By: Laurel Myers – Sudbury Northern Life Staff

 Members of Sudbury’s Ukrainian community gathered at the Ukrainian Seniors’ Centre on Notre Dame Avenue Sunday afternoon to commemorate a devastating time in their history 79 years ago. 

Between the spring of 1932 and July 1933, as many as 10 million Ukrainian men, women and children were starved to death by a man-made famine.

The Holodomor, or hunger plague, was a famine engineered by the Soviet Union, under Joseph Stalin — a communist dictator — as part of a series of actions, including mass executions, designed to destroy the Ukrainian nation, according to The government confiscated all agricultural food sources, including grains and livestock. Massive amounts of grain were sold to foreign markets to build factories and provide weapons for the military, leaving the Ukrainian villages barren and hungry. The Ukrainians were also kept from leaving their homes.

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