“REMEMBERING THE HOLODOMOR” : Statement in the House of Commons – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park


Tuesday, November 26th

OTTAWA – Peggy Nash, MP for Parkdale—High Park, rose in the House of Commons today to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of the Holodomor. A video of the statement has been posted here:http://goo.gl/hOSZwv

* * *

Ms. Peggy Nash (Parkdale—High Park, NDP): Mr. Speaker, I rise to recognize the solemn occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Holodomor. This genocide by famine, perpetrated against the Ukrainian people in the so-called “breadbasket of Europe” by Stalin’s Soviet regime in 1932-1933, took millions of lives and has scarred generations to this day.

I am very proud to have joined in the vote in this House of all-party support for recognition of Holodomor Memorial Day in Canada. The City of Toronto announced a similar proclamation in a moving ceremony at City Hall last Saturday evening. I have also joined with Ukrainian Canadians in my community of Parkdale—High Park, as well as with those across Canada, in pressing for this terrible history to be recognized in our schools and museums.

We salute Ukrainian Canadians for their strong stance in defence of democracy, freedom and human rights. They will always have a friend in the New Democratic Party, and we stand with them in saying, “Never forget, never again”.




Contact: Greg Denton, Constituency Assistant


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