Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing – 5 September, 7 PM Kyiv time

Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing

5 September, 7 PM Kyiv time


1. Russian invasion of Ukraine

The National Security and Defense Council (RNBO) reported at 12PM Kyiv time that in the last 24 hours Anti-Terrorism Operation (ATO) forces exchanged fire 27 times with Russian soldiers and Kremlin-backed terrorists. The RNBO stated that in the second half of the day on 4 September, Russians began an advance towards Mariupol through Shyrokine, 20 km east of Mariupol. A column of five tanks, three self-propelled artillery installations and a Grad (truck-mounted multiple rocket launcher), mortars, and personnel with heavy weaponry broke through near Shyrokine. Yesterday’s attack was repelled. This morning the attack began again, the battle continued and as of 4:30PM Kyiv time, Russian armed forces continued to shell Ukrainian forces in the area, but there was no advance by Russian units toward Mariupol. There are wounded among the Ukrainian forces, who are being taken to hospitals in Mariupol and other towns. The RNBO reported that on the night of 4 September, Russian soldiers threw several dozen bodies(of Russian soldiers), transported in two Kamaz trucks, into one of the shafts of a mine near Chervonopartyzanska, Luhansk oblast. According to RNBO spokesman A. Lysenko, “This is being done in order to avoid unwanted publicity in Russia about the real costs of the participation of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in armed aggression against Ukraine.”


2. Ukrainian President orders ceasefire after Minsk talks

After talks in Minsk of the Trilateral contact group, President Poroshenko stated, “Taking into account the call for ceasefire of President of Russia Vladimir Putin addressed to the heads of illegal armed groups of the Donbas and the signature of the protocol at the meeting of Trilateral contact group on the implementation of the Peace plan of the President of Ukraine, I order the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to cease fire starting from18:00, September 5. I also instruct the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine to ensure jointly with the OSCE an efficient international control over the compliance with the ceasefire regime which must be exclusively bilateral. I hope that these agreements, including ceasefire and liberation of hostages, will be strictly observed.”


3. US President on ceasefire: hopeful, but skeptical

US President B. Obama stated at a NATO Summit Press Conference, “Today, the United States and Europe are finalizing measures to deepen and broaden our sanctions across Russia’s financial, energy and defense sectors.  At the same time, we strongly support President Poroshenko’s efforts to pursue a peaceful resolution to the conflict in his country.  The cease-fire announced today can advance that goal, but only if there is follow-through on the ground.  Pro-Russian separatists must keep their commitments and Russia must stop its violations of Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. With respect to the cease-fire agreement, obviously we are hopeful, but based on past experience also skeptical that, in fact, the separatists will follow through and the Russians will stop violating Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  So it has to be tested.”


4. UK Foreign Secretary: West won’t be deterred from further sanctions

UK Foreign Secretary P. Hammond stated that “Britain is clear that there cannot be a military solution to the conflict in Ukraine. Russia, which for many months has been covertly providing support to the so-called separatists, must meet its international obligations, go back across its own border, stop supplying missiles and artillery shells into Ukraine and enter into a proper dialogue with President Poroshenko about how the two countries will live in peace in the future. We have delivered a careful, calibrated and escalating response to the illegal activity coming from Russia. It is important to go ahead with the plans for increased sanctions, which will be discussed when the EU meets later today. If Russia ends up in an economic war, it will lose. Of course if there is a plan and it is implemented then we can lift the sanctions off, but there is a great deal of skepticism as to whether this ceasefire is real.”


5. NATO Wales Summit Declaration

The NATO Wales Summit Declaration was issued by the Heads of State and Government participating in a meeting of the North Atlantic Council in Wales. The Declaration states, “We condemn in the strongest terms Russia’s escalating and illegal military intervention in Ukraine and demand that Russia stop and withdraw its forces from inside Ukraine and along the Ukrainian border…For more than two decades, NATO has strived to build a partnership with Russia, including through the mechanism of the NATO-Russia Council, based upon the NATO-Russia Founding Act and the Rome Declaration. Russia has breached its commitments, as well as violated international law, thus breaking the trust at the core of our cooperation. The decisions we have taken at the Summit demonstrate our respect for the rules-based European security architecture…An independent, sovereign, and stable Ukraine, firmly committed to democracy and the rule of law, is key to Euro-Atlantic security.  At a time when Ukraine’s security is being undermined, the Alliance continues its full support for Ukraine’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity within its internationallyrecognised borders. The broad support for United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262 on the Territorial Integrity of Ukraine, demonstrates the international rejection of Russia’s illegal and illegitimate ‘annexation’ of Crimea. We are extremely concerned by the further escalation of aggressive actions in eastern Ukraine. We see a concerted campaign of violence by Russia and Russian-backed separatists aimed at destabilising Ukraine as a sovereign state.” The full declaration can be found at









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