Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing – 9 September, 7 PM Kyiv time

Crisis in Ukraine: Daily Briefing

9 September, 7 PM Kyiv time

1. Russian invasion of Ukraine

The National Security and Defense Council (RNBO) reported at 12PM Kyiv time that despite the agreed-upon ceasefire, Kremlin-backed terrorists continue to fire upon Ukrainian positions. Ukrainian forces are strictly abiding by the ceasefire agreement and open fire only when fired upon. The RNBO stated that from the beginning of the ceasefire (5 September, 6PM Kyiv time) to 6AM Kyiv time on 9 September, Kremlin-backed terrorists and Russian soldiers opened fire on or shelled Ukrainian forces 89 times. The RNBO stated that according to information from the General Staff, 648 hostages held by Kremlin-backed terrorists have been freed, and work is continuing on freeing almost 500 more hostages. At 5PM Kyiv time the RNBO stated that throughout the day, the conditions of the ceasefire were generally respected; 9 September is the first relatively calm day in eastern Ukraine. At the same time, in territories temporarily occupied by Kremlin-backed terrorists, intimidation of the civilian population continued. In the first half of the day, Kremlin-backed terrorists in Makiyivka, Donetsk oblast, and in Vasylivka, Donetsk oblast, fired upon residential buildings. In Horlivka, Kremlin-backed terrorists forced residents aged 20-60 to join “self-defense” units or forced them to perform labor.

2. Dutch Safety Board releases Preliminary Report on Flight MH-17

The Dutch Safety Board released its Preliminary Report on the shoot down of Flight MH-17. The report states that “Based on preliminary findings to date, no indications of any technical or operational issues were found with the aircraft or crew prior to the ending of the CVR and FDR recording at 13.20:02 hrs. The damage observed in the forward section of the aircraft appears to indicate that the aircraft was penetrated by a large number of high-energy objects from outside the aircraft. It is likely that this damage resulted in a loss of structural integrity of the aircraft, leading to an in-flight break up.” The report also stated that “the sole objective of this investigation is the prevention of similar accidents and incidents. It is not the purpose of this activity to apportion blame or liability in respect of any party.” The full report can be accessed at

3. EU announces further economic measures against Russia

On 8 September, the European Union adopted “a new package of restrictive measures targeting sectoral cooperation and exchanges with the Russian Federation.” H. Van Rompey, President of the European Council, stated that the sanctions will come into force after they are published in the Official Journal “in the next few days. This will leave time for an assessment of the implementation of the cease-fire agreement and the peace plan. Depending on the situation on the ground, the EU stands ready to review the agreed sanctions in whole or in part.”

4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Occupied Crimea a region of terror and intimidation

Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman E. Perebiynos stated that the “Occupiers have turned Crimea into a region of terror, harassment and intimidation, to which all those who are not in agreement with the policies of the Kremlin and the self-proclaimed authorities are subject. The last glaring example of this was yesterday’s detention, under completely fabricated and illegal pretenses – of community activist Yelyzaveta Bohutska.(…)Crimean Tatars, Ukrainians, and representatives of other nationalities, who have not and will never resign themselves to the occupation continue to suffer repressions. (…)The return of Crimea is and remains an absolute priority of the domestic and foreign policy of Ukraine. If someone expects that through aggression in the Donbas, they will force us and the world to forget about Crimea, they are deeply mistaken.”

5. Canadian Minister of Defense on Russia’s over flight of HMCS Toronto in the Black Sea

On 8 September, Canadian Minister of National Defence, R. Nicholson, stated after Russia’s over flight of HMCS Toronto in the Black Sea: “The participation of HMCS Toronto in NATO’s reassurance measures in the Black Sea demonstrates Canada’s steadfast commitment to peace and security in Eastern and Central Europe. While the Russian military aircraft that circled the HMCS Toronto did not in any way pose a threat to the Canadian ship, their actions were unnecessarily provocative and risk escalating tensions even further. Canada and its allies are taking part in reassurance measures as a direct result of the Putin regime’s military aggression and invasion of Ukraine. Canada will continue to work with our NATO Allies to build military interoperability and partnerships in this part of the world. The message that Canada is sending – along with the rest of our NATO allies – is that Russia’s reckless actions must stop.”


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