UCC President’s Easter Message

President’s Easter Message

Dear Friends,

For all of us, Easter brings with it renewal and the promise of new opportunities and successes. As we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ with our loved ones, we remember and honour those who have sacrificed so much for Ukraine’s freedom, and we pray that peace may soon return to Ukraine.

It is a deep personal honour for me to serve our community. I am extraordinarily proud of the work we have done and all that we have accomplished together.

The first months of 2015 have continued to be extraordinarily busy for the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, our provincial councils, branches, and member organizations. We have commemorated the first anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity, and the UCC continues to work tirelessly to support Ukraine as it bravely defends itself against Russia’s invasion.

Our efforts have produced real results. Canada has taken a leadership role in the international community in supporting Ukraine. Canada has provided financial and non-lethal military assistance, as well as increased support for economic and democratic development that to Ukraine. Canada’s Minister of National Defence, the Hon. Jason Kenney, announced recently that Canada will provide Ukraine’s armed forces with satellite images to assist in defending Ukraine. Canadian volunteers in Ukraine continue to play an important role in ensuring that aid is distributed quickly and efficiently to those for whom it is intended.

The UCC continues to work with all political parties as well as provincial and municipal governments to maximize support for the people of Ukraine. We have provided dozens of briefings, engaged Members of Parliament, the Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, key Ministers, and Opposition leaders to ensure that Canada’s support for Ukraine is unwavering, united and impactful. It is thanks to the persistent efforts of our community that we have kept these issues at the forefront, and have been able to achieve positive outcomes. Together we have made a difference.

As we enter the second year of a protracted crisis facing Ukraine, our community from coast to coast has responded with unity, resolve and persistence. We have shown what we can achieve when we work together! Our past successes motivate our community to roll up our sleeves to face new challenges and undertake new endeavours.

As we continue our work in support of Ukraine, we also continue to focus on issues of importance to the Ukrainian Canadian community here at home – education about the Holodomor, the continued recognition of Canada’s First World War Internment Operations, the Memorial to the Victims of Communism, Ukrainian-language schools, cultural programs and community development.

On behalf of the UCC, and my family – Adrianna, Roman, Danylo, Larysa and Olena, please accept our sincere wishes for a wonderful Easter celebration!

В час, коли ми святкуємо Воскресіння Ісуса Христа з нашими родинами та близькими, ми пам’ятаємо й вшановуємо тих, які загинули у боротьбі за свободу України, й тих, які сьогодні захищають незалежність нашої Батьківщини.

Для мене є особливо велика честь служити нашій громаді. Я пишаюся нашою роботою, й тим, що ми разом досягнули. Успіхи Конґресу Українців Канади, провінційних рад, місцевих відділів та складових організацій не були б можливими без відданої роботи численних волонтерів та щедрої фінансової підтримки нашої громади, за що ми дуже вдячні.

Від імені Конґресу Українців Канади, й моєї сім’ї – Адріани, Данила, Романа, Лариси та Олени, вітаємо Вас з Світлим Празником Христового Воскресіння та бажаємо Вам щастя, здоров’я та подальших успіхів!

Христос Воскрес! Воістину Воскрес!

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