OTTAWA – 14 April, 2015 – The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) applauds today’s announcement by the Government of Canada to provide training to Ukraine’s military.

Prime Minister of Canada, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper announced today that:

“Canada will be deploying approximately 200 Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel to Ukraine until March 31, 2017, to develop and deliver military training and capacity-building programs for Ukrainian forces personnel. CAF members will be deployed on both a sustained and periodic basis depending on the type of training being conducted. Their activities will include explosive ordnance disposal and improvised explosive device disposal training, military police training, medical training, flight safety training, and logistics system modernization training. Canada will also be providing individual and unit tactics training to Ukrainian National Guard personnel along with the United States.”

“Canada continues to stand with the people of Ukraine in the face of the Putin regime’s ongoing aggression. The Canadian military contribution being announced today will help Ukrainian forces personnel to better defend their country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” stated Prime Minister Stephen Harper.“Ukrainian forces personnel will benefit from the highest calibre of training from the brave men and women of our own Canadian Armed Forces. Canada will continue working with its allies to ensure a sovereign, unified and secure Ukraine.”

The announcement is available on the PM’s website at http://pm.gc.ca/eng/news/2015/04/14/pm-announces-new-canadian-military-contribution-ukraine

“Canada continues to be a staunch ally as Ukraine battles against the invasion of its sovereign territory by the Russian Federation. The training programs announced today will help save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers.” stated Paul Grod, National President of the UCC. “Canadian Armed Forces personnel will be providing training that will enhance the capacity of Ukraine’s military to defend their homeland against continued aggression by the Russian Federation.”

“We are very concerned by the continued build-up of Russian troops and high-tech equipment in Eastern Ukraine as outlined in a recent report by former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen. Wesley Clark (http://bit.ly/1zdArLh)” stated Grod.  The report states “What is happening now is preparations for a renewed offensive from the east,” and this could take place following Orthodox Easter, on April 12, and “most probably” before VE Day on May 8.”

“We call on Canada, the Unites States and their allies to immediately deploy defense military equipment to Ukraine, including lethal assistance as a deterrent to an anticipated attack by the covert Russian forces in Ukraine,” stated Grod.  “The only way to ensure a diplomatic solution is to provide Ukraine the defensive military equipment capable of repelling further military attacks by Putin’s army and roll-out sectoral sanctions directed at those supporting or associated with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

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