Exclusive Interview with UCC President Paul Grod: ‘Putin needs to be exposed to his own people’



Canada has been the staunchest pro-Ukrainian advocate on the international level, says Paul Grod

Ukraine Today talks to with Paul Grod, President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and Vice President of the Ukrainian World Congress.

“Canada has been Ukraine’s, I would say, steadfast supporter through the Maidan Revolution and now during this war that Russia is waging against Ukraine. And the (Canada’s) Prime Minister is very passionate about Ukraine, he is very passionate about his position on Vladimir Putin, and he was very clear a few years ago at the G8 meeting where he said this is not G8, it is G7 plus 1.”  

He (Canada’s PM) in an interview with Associated Press made it very clear, saying: “As long as Vladimir Putin is in power, Russia does not deserve a seat at the G7 table”. 

“Ukraine will be ‘Canada’s top policy priority issue at G7 meeting, PM said prior to the event”. 

“There is no confusion here. This is not a separatist movement, this is not a civil war, this is a Russian-led aggression against Ukraine, and there are Russian regular forces that are leading, that are supplying that are funding this war against Ukraine. We need to continue to remind international leaders of that.”

“I think that Canada has been the staunchest pro-Ukrainian advocate on the international arena”.

“We should be exposing his (Putin’s) lies to the people of Russia”. 

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