Trade deal with Ukraine a vote of confidence in country’s potential [ Financial Post ]


Diane Francis | July 17, 2015 5:06 PM ET

LVIV, Ukraine – It’s hard to believe, while touring this charming medieval city, there’s a war raging in this country against Russia.

But the fighting is 25 hours’ drive east, and the psychology is even further away. There are reminders here and there, a memoriam to a lost loved one or volunteer soldiers in fatigues.

Lviv is Ukraine’s “west”, in more ways than geographically. The city has population of 800,000, more than a dozen universities and enterprising people with world-class businesses and skills. Along with Kiev and others, this region illustrates why this week’s Canada-Ukraine free trade agreement is a splendid idea. It’s a national vote of confidence by Canadians in Ukrainians, with a very credible upside.

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