Saskatchewan and Alberta ambulances donated to Ukraine

Source: CBC News

Ambulances are a key tool on the front lines of any emergency. That’s why a bunch of volunteers, paramedic groups, and the provincial and federal government are helping send four of them to Ukraine.

The ambulances are from Saskatoon, Parkland Ambulance in Prince Albert, Sask., Duck Mountain EMS and Associated Ambulance services in Edmonton. They are due to arrive in Kyiv, Ukraine sometime next week.

Dave Dutchak is a consultant with MD Ambulance, and he’s also a member of a Saskatchewan-Ukrainian Relations Advisory Committee that reports to the province.

“There’s a significant need there with what’s going on over there,” he said. “There are some reports they could use up to 45 ambulances, and so we’re looking at a two-phase project, this being the first phase with four ambulances.”

He says he hopes there will be more ambulances to send again next year.

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