Be a Part of 2017 Vyshyvanka Day!

Next week on Thursday May 18th, Ukrainians and friends from around the world will celebrate Vyshyvanka (Embroidery) Day, adorning Ukrainian embroidered shirts not only to preserve our ancestral traditions, but also to stand in solidarity with Ukraine.   

In many communities, celebrations of International Vyshyvanka Day will continue on Saturday May 20. Regardless of origin or previous connection with our community, we invite you all to join us and get your Ukrainian on. 


How You Can Join Our Celebrations 
  1. Find a community event to participate in (list here)
  2. If you’re in Ottawa Thursday May 18, join us at Parliament Hill at 1:30pm!

  3. Share your pictures and join the international social media campaign using #ДеньВишиванки or #VyshyvankaDay

Considered everyday clothing under a century ago, the vyshyvanka tradition has existed in Ukraine for centuries and enjoys a variety of patterns and designs in every region of Ukraine, as seen below.  

Our cultural tradition has since attracted international attention and has been graciously adopted by friends and supporters from all around the world to support Ukraine. 

Canada is one of 50 countries around the world in which Ukrainians take part in the International Vyshyvanka Day (Всесвітний День Вишиванки). Ottawa will host a special flashmob gathering of MPs and Senators all parties on the front steps of Canada’s Parliament at 1:30 pm on Thursday May 18. By wearing their vyshyvankas, parliamentarians will be showcasing Ukrainian culture, paying tribute to the contributions that Ukrainian immigrants made to the settling and building of a multicultural Canada, and also demonstrating solidarity with Ukraine during these challenging times. 


MPs Vyshyvanka Day[2]

Background on International Vyshyvanka Day

The UCC supports the International Vyshyvanka Day (Всесвітний День Вишиванки), which is being held this year in Canada on May 18 & 20. 

Canada is one of 50 countries around the world in which Ukrainians take part in the International Vyshyvanka Day (Всесвітний День Вишиванки). 

Through a grass roots initiative in Ukraine, the third Thursday of May is designated the International Vyshyvanka Day (Всесвітний День Вишиванки). This day is a wonderful opportunity for Ukrainians, those of Ukrainian heritage and friends of Ukraine around the world, to wear a vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt) and demonstrate their pride in Ukrainian culture and heritage and to show solidarity with the people of Ukraine. 

Vyshyvanka Day in Canadian Parliament 2017 Video Project 
 Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.53.46 PM

Watch as Members of Parliament from across Canada and all major political parties support this celebration, explaining the significance of this day and what it means to them. 

Canadian Events  

Is your local community event listed here? Contact us at and have your Vyshyvanka Day Event featured here!


Join Vshyvanka Day at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Victoria, BC May 22 @ 4:00pm. 




Toronto (PDF) 



Oseredok – picture contest only 






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