Ukraine: Daily Briefing – May 23, 2017, 6 PM Kyiv time

Ukraine: Daily Briefing
May 23, 2017, 6 PM Kyiv time
Grenade training at Yavoriv training Center_ Joint Multinational Training Force Ukraine. Photo – US 7th Army

1. Russian Invasion of Ukraine
The General Staff of Ukraine’s Armed Forces reported that in the last 24 hours, no Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action. Towards Donetsk, Russian-terrorist forces shelled Ukrainian positions at Avdiivka with mortars. Russian-terrorist forces shelled Ukrainian positions at Opytne with Grad rockets. Towards Mariupol, Russian-terrorist forces shelled Ukrainian positions at Hnutove with mortars and artillery. At Novotroitske and Krasnohorivka, Russian-terrorist forces shelled Ukrianian positions with mortars.  Towards Luhansk, Russian-terrorist forces fired on Ukrainian positions at Stanytsia Luhanska, Troitske and several other locations.
2. Ukraine’s President meets with German Chancellor
Ukraine’s President meets with German Chancellor. 
PHOTO – Bundesregierung/Bergmann

Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on May 20. Chancellor Merkel’s press service reported, “The Chancellor has pledged Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko further support to achieve peace in Ukraine. She said security is the precondition for further political progress. Angela Merkel announced that she would be working swiftly for new talks involving Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany. […] The Chancellor continues to trust in Normandy format meetings, with the involvement of Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France. At their first meeting, the new French President Emmanuel Macron undertook to continue the Minsk process, she reported. […] Another matter discussed by the Chancellor and Petro Poroshenko was the Ukrainian reform agenda, which is to bring the country forward on the road to democratisation, the rule of law, anti-corruption and economic revival.”
3. Ukraine protests against appointment of Russia’s Minister of Health as President of World Health Organization Assembly
Acting Minister of Health Suprun addresses WHO 70th Assembly. PHOTO – Ukraine’s Ministry of Health
Ukraine issued a protest against the naming of Russia’s Minister of Health, Veronika Skvortsova, as President of the World Health Organization 70th Assembly, being held May 22-31 in Geneva. Ukraine’s acting Minister of Health Ulana Suprun stated at the Assembly, “Ukraine is a sovereign state and will protect our national interest and although the Ukrainian delegation does not wish to disrupt the adoption of the item 1.2 of the WHA70’s agenda, condescending to Ukraine will no longer be tolerated. We must make our position crystal clear. This assembly has become part of the front line of Russia’s hybrid war against Ukraine. The Russian Federation is waging an undeclared war against Ukraine that has resulted in some 10,000 people killed, more than 23,000 injured and millions displaced. The candidature of the Russian Federation to the post of the President of the WHA70 is the latest salvo in a concerted attack against western institutions that have kept the peace for over 70 years and subsequently prolonged life expectancy and improved the quality of life worldwide. The policies of the Russian occupation administration in Crimea to deny vitally important substitution maintenance therapy to hundreds of patients has already caused dozens of deaths. Almost daily, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars live through human rights violations including the illegal detainment and exile to Russian ‘work camps’ on trumped up charges, like Ukrainian filmmaker Oleh Sentsov and many others. The Russian occupation army and their proxies in the Donestk and Luhansk regions of Ukraine is destroying the fragile medical infrastructure in the south-east of Ukraine because of daily mortar attacks and shelling with weapons supposedly banned by the Minsk agreement. Vulnerable people on the ground lack access to medical services and vital medicines. This week, the Ukrainian Parliament is voting for laws that will guarantee healthcare for veterans protecting our country from this Russian invasion. We are building a new Healthcare system in Ukraine. The representative of the Russian Federation, whose country is waging a war against Ukraine, does not have any moral authority to chair the Assembly of an organization that aims to protect lives and implement standards embodied by the Hippocratic Oath. The delegation of Ukraine requests that our position be duly incorporated into the records of the Assembly.”

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