Stained glass tells the tale of Christmas

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Photos of Stained Glass window with the nativity scene for Christmas front to run on Dec 24th.
Photos of beautiful stained glass window of nativity scene at St. Vladimir and Olga Cathedral created by local artist, Leo Mol. This panel is on the upper section of the church and is one of 36 that he created for the large cathedral located on McGregor Street in Winnipeg.
Local artist Leo Mol (Molodoshanin) was asked to take on the the monumental artistic endeavour in 1963 with the final panels installed in 1977.
Added artistic information on the window:
The Birth of Christ Window is the first window on the west side of the cathedral next to the entranceway. It features the inscription “God Eternal is Born”. The scene has a distinctive Ukrainian character since it represents a Hutsul in the Carpathian Mountains announcing by means of his trembita (an ancient tuba) that “God Eternal is Born”.
In the evening all the people hurry to attend the services in the church. Carollers who are led by the traditional star visit each home and spread joyous news of Christ’s birth through their carols.
In the top section the Nativity scene shows the Blessed Virgin watching the newly-born Christ and three angels singing the praises “Glory be to God in the Highest”. The star shines over the manger, “Over the Manger Shines a Bright Star”.
the sheaf of wheat in the corner is representative of the fertile Ukrainian land and symbolizes a gift to the Christ Child from the Ukrainian people.
Dec 18th, 2018

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