Ukraine: Daily Briefing – June 14, 2019, 5 PM Kyiv time

Ukraine: Daily Briefing
June 14, 2019, 5 PM Kyiv time
Ukrainian Armed Forces participate in Saber Guardian exercises in Romania. 
Photo – Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense
1. Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense reported at 12:30 PM Kyiv time that in the last 24 hours, no Ukrainian soldiers were killed and 2 Ukrainian soldiers were wounded in action. In the last 24 hours, Russian-terrorist forces opened fire on Ukrainian positions on the Luhansk and Donetsk sectors of the front 29 times in total, including at least 4 times with heavy weapons. Returning fire, Ukrainian forces wounded 1 enemy combatant in the last 24 hours.
2. Ukraine parliamentary delegation visits US Congress
Ukrinform reported, “The delegation of the Ukrainian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee holds talks with colleagues in the US Congress and government agencies on the release of Ukrainian captives from the Russian Federation and increase in support for Ukraine, including in the security and defense sectors.
           ‘We hope, first of all, for an active stance [of the US] on the release of Ukrainian citizens,’ Head of Ukrainian delegation Hanna Hopko said on the sidelines of the Ukrainian Days at the U.S. Congress, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.
           In addition, according to her, the amount of support for Ukraine in the US budget for the fiscal year 2020 is discussed, about $800 million. ‘We hope that we will have meetings at the Pentagon, where we can discuss increasing assistance,’ the chairwoman of the Ukrainian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee said.
           In this regard, she recalled that the US bill on providing support to Ukraine to protect its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity stipulates the provision of anti-tank, anti-missile and other types of weapons to Ukraine that will help strengthen defensive capacity.
          The Ukrainian delegation in Washington also discussed the attraction of US investment in Ukraine’s energy sector. ‘We need to increase our own gas production, taking into account the experience of American companies. For us, additional American investments mean additional political protection,’ Hanna Hopko said.”
3. Ukraine’s President to visit France and Germany June 17-18

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will visit France on June 17 and Germany on June 18, the Presidential Administration reported.
          “The program of the visit includes meetings of the Head of State with the leadership of France and Germany, heads of Parliaments and also leading representatives of French and German businesses,” the Presidential Administration stated.
4. Investors oversubscribe Ukraine Eurobond
Ukraine Business News (UBN) reported, “Investors oversubscribed Ukraine first Eurobond since October by a factor of six, bidding the final interest rate below the range set by the Finance Ministry.  After drawing €6 billion in bids, the Finance Ministry placed the 7-year €1 billion bond at 6.75%. ‘Today’s strategic transaction is demonstrative of the continued investor support for our country,’ Finance Minister Oksana Markarova said Thursday after the placement, which capped a four day, four EU city roadshow by her team. BNP Paribas and Goldman Sachs International acted as joint lead managers on the transaction.
          Separately, foreign investment in Ukraine government hryvnia bonds has increased nearly 8-fold since the start of the year. With Tuesday’s weekly auction, foreign holdings of the T-bills increased by 13% to 48.7 billion UAH, the equivalent of $1.84 billion. Foreigners bought more than half of a new six-year bond offering this week. These bonds, the longest in the Ukraine government portfolio, placed at 15.85% per annum.”
5. Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament says he handed over all necessary documents on existence of coalition to Constitutional Court
The Speaker of Ukraine’s Parliament Andriy Parubiy stated that he handed over all necessary documents to the Constitutional Court on the existence of a coalition in Ukraine’s Parliament at the time when the “Narodnyi Front” Party left the coalition, Espreso TV reported.
          Parubiy stated, “I can inform you that as the Speaker of Parliament, I handed over to the Constitutional Court all the necessary documents confirming that at the time of withdrawal from the coalition of the People’s Front, a coalition existed, and in addition to the factions, independent MPs were members of the coalition.”
          Parubiy stressed that the Constitutional Court has enough documented evidence, from which it can be concluded that in 2016, and in May 2019, before the People’s Front left the coalition, the coalition consisted of more than 226 MPs (a majority of Parliament), Espreso TV reported.
          The Constitutional Court of Ukraine is currently considering the constitutionality of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s decree dissolving Parliament and calling early Parliamentary elections for July 21.

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