Biographies of Shevchenko Medal Recipients, 2019



Canada-Ukraine Foundation (Community Development) – The Canada-Ukraine Foundation coordinates, develops, organizes and delivers assistance projects generated by Canadians and directed to Ukraine. The Canada-Ukraine Foundation assists in the development of a democratic nation with a civil society that maintains and develops culture, tradition and language in Ukraine by strengthening strategic partnerships in Canada and Ukraine.

Oseredok Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre (Culture and the Arts)For 75 years, the “Oseredok” has preserved and shared Ukrainian Canadian heritage. The “Oseredok” hosts one of the largest archival Ukrainian collections in North America, and provides a venue for art shows, exhibitions, cultural workshops and other events in Winnipeg.


Irena Bell (Community Development) – For two decades Ms. Bell published a monthly Ottawa Ukrainian-interest Events Calendar. Since 2003, she has hosted and produced a week Ukrainian radio program. Ms. Bell’s rubric “Did You Know” features vignettes that champions the contributions that Ukrainians have made in a wide range of areas and are available to audiences all over the world. She has served on the Boards of numerous Ukrainian Canadian organizations

Ron Cahute (Culture and the Arts) – Mr. Ron Cahute is founder and musical director of the Burya Band. He has been a musical director and producer for numerous Ukrainian artists, a frequent performer and Master of Ceremonies at Ukrainian festival and events. Mr. Cahute is well-known for his segment on the Ukrainian Canadian TV program Kontakt – “Stay Ukrainian My Friends!”

Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova (Community Development) – Ms. Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhava produced and researched ground breaking historical documentaries that raised national and international awareness about Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian issues. Ms. Hrycenko-Luhova has worked on safeguarding Ukrainian Canadian archival material and campaigns on awareness of Canada’s First World War Internment Operations. Ms. Hrycenko-Luhova was President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Quebec Provincial Council and UCC Montreal Branch for five terms, President of the Montreal UCPBA for four terms, and has served on numerous UCC National Committees.

Paul Grod (Community Development)Mr. Grod was President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress from 2007 to 2018, during which time he oversaw the recognition of the Holodomor as a genocide of the Ukrainian people by Canada’s Parliament, the establishment of the First World War Internment Recognition Fund, and led efforts to ensure Canada’s strong support for Ukraine during the Revolution of Dignity, and Russia’s war against Ukraine. He is currently President of the Ukrainian World Congress.

Dr. Bohdan Kordan (Academics) – Dr. Kordan has numerous books, catalogues, book chapters, articles and curatorial works on Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian scholarly subjects. He has received numerous awards for his scholarship, including the Justice John Sopinka Award for Scholarly Excellence. His book “No Free Man: Canada, the Great War and the Enemy Alien Experience” received the Saskatchewan Book Award. Dr. Kordan led the creation of the Prairie Centre for the Study of Ukrainian Heritage at St. Thomas More College and the formation of the Hnatyshyn Canadian Studies Centre at Chernivtsi University, Ukraine.

Oksana Rewa (Community Development)Ms. Oksana Rewa has served as the Project Chair of the Holodomor Memorial Park project in Toronto since 2014. The Holodomor Memorial Park was unveiled and opened to the public in October 2018. Ms. Rewa was President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress – Toronto Branch from 2009 to 2014, was the Founder of the Canadian Bandura Foundation, and President of the St. Volodymyr Cultural Centre in Oakville, ON, 2003-2010.

Dr. Oleh Romanyschyn (Community Development) – Dr. Oleh Romanyschyn has been one of the leaders of the League of Ukrainian Canadians for more than four decades. He was Chief Editor of Homin Ukrainy for almost forty years and is currently the Head of the Editorial Board of Homin Ukrainy. He has been the Director of Research of Ucrainica Research Centre since 1973.

Orest Steciw (Community Development) – Mr. Orest Steciw was National President of the League of Ukrainian Canadians, 2011-2017. He played a key role in creating the exhibit “Holodomor: Genocide by Famine,” and is currently President of Ucrainica Research Institute. Mr. Steciw has been active in numerous Ukrainian causes, including as Chairman of the Canadian Branch of the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations, and in the Committee for the Protection of Ukrainian Political Prisoners (1979-80).

Borys Sydoruk (Community Development) – Mr. Borys Sydoruk played a vital role in the campaign for recognition and redress of Canada’s First World War Internment Operations and has overseen the installation of many historical markers and statues across Canada that raise awareness about internment. He has made significant contributions to national and international campaigns on Holodomor awareness, and facilitated campaigns to honour and promote the legacy of Ukrainian Canadian war heroes.

Mary Ann Trischuk (Community Development) – Ms. Mary Ann Trischuk served as President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Saskatchewan Provincial Council from 2015 to 2019. She is the former President of the Canadian Federation of University Women, former President of the Yorkton Troyanda Dance Ensemble and former Senate Representative to the University of Saskatchewan Senate. She volunteers for numerous organizations, including the Provincial Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada, the Yorkton Music Festival and the Yorkton Arts Council.

Lt. Gen (ret’d) Paul Wynnyk  (Public Service) – Lt. Gen. (ret’d) Paul Wynnyk served for 38 years in the Canadian Armed Forces. He attained the position of Vice Chief of the Defence Staff, the second highest military appointment in Canada, and the highest military appointment a Ukrainian Canadian has ever achieved. He also served as Commander CAF Intelligence Command and Commander of the Canadian Army.

Emil Yereniuk (Community Development) – Mr. Emil Yereniuk was chair of the Canada First World War Internment Recognition Fund (2017-19), and Vice President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (2013-2016). Mr. Yereniuk served four terms as President of the Ukrainian Self-Reliance Association and served on the Government of Alberta’s Advisory Council on Alberta-Ukraine Relations. He continues to be a leader in the Ukrainian Orthodox community in Canada and volunteers with various community organizations.

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