Shevchenko Medal Award

Updated October 4, 2018

What is the Shevchenko Medal? 

The Shevchenko Medal is the highest degree of recognition that can be granted by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.  It recognizes individuals, of Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian descent, groups and organizations for their outstanding National voluntary contributiontowards the development and enhancement of the Ukrainian Canadian community. 

A maximum of twelve (12) Shevchenko medals will be awarded at the UCC Triennial Congress.  Award categories for medals are: 


Outstanding achievements or contributions in the field of:  

  • pre-school, primary, secondary and post-secondary education,  
  • post-grad and extension services, 
  • non-traditional education programs; 


Outstanding accomplishments contribution in sports through:  

  • participatory leadership,  
  • competitive achievements, 
  • the development of community athletic programs; 

 Community Development 

Outstanding leadership that contributes to the growth of the Ukrainian Canadian community; 

Culture and the Arts 

Outstanding achievements in the field of: 

  • visual arts (including film and media),  
  • performing arts (music, dance, theatre),  
  • literary arts, 
  • heritage (museums, archives, research); 

 Public Service 

Significant support towards the development and advancement of community endeavours through: 

  • philanthropic patronage, 
  • advocacy, 
  • outstanding accomplishments in the public, entrepreneur, science and technology or business sector. 

Outstanding achievements can be measured by the nominees’ level of excellence and initiative, their sustained body of work, commitment to volunteerism, peer recognition, and the nominees’ broad impact within and/or beyond the Ukrainian Canadian community, in Canada.