UCC Leadership Awards

Established and first awarded in 2010 the National Leadership Award is a centrepiece of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ honours system. It recognizes outstanding contribution, dedication to the Ukrainian Canadian community and service to Canada and Ukraine. The National Leadership Award recognizes people and organizations in all sectors of the Ukrainian Canadian community. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to our community.

Ukrainian Canadian Congress Leadership Award  

The Leadership Award of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress provides the opportunity to recognize worthy individuals and organizations in their communities.  The UCC established the Leadership Award in August 2010. It shall be bestowed upon:

a) a worthy individual or organization that has made a significant national contribution to the development of the Ukrainian Canadian community; or

b) a Ukrainian Canadian that has demonstrated individual excellence on a national scale in the areas of arts, culture, athletics, media, politics, business, entertainment, education, academia, health sciences, community or religious development, social services, civil society and leadership.


To nominate someone for a Leadership Award click here: Leadership Award Nomination Form

How Do I Nominate Someone? 

By submitting a completed nomination form, with all the required documentation to UCC: 

Email:  ucc@ucc.ca

Fax:      1-204-947-3882 or 

 Mail:   Ukrainian Canadian Congress, Suite 203-952 Main Street, Winnipeg, MB R2W 3P4 

2019 Recipients

  • Diane Boyko
  • Ryan Boyko
  • Savelia Curniski
  • Stefan Genyk-Berezowsky
  • Dr. Stella Hryniuk
  • Nadia Prokopchuk
  • Marijka Stadnyk
  • Dr. Roman Yereniuk
  • William Zyla


2016 Recipients

 Award Recipients


Radomir Bilash    Radomir Bilash

Nadia Cyncar    Nadia Cyncar

Bohdan Dzerowicz   Bohdan Dzerowicz

Dr. Roma Franko   Dr. Roma Franko

Marian Butz-Gauk    Marian Butz-Gauk

Serhiy Kasyanchuk   Serhiy Kasyanchuk

Dr. Svitlana Kominko   Dr. Svitlana Kominko

Olena Koszarny (Awaiting Bio & Photo)

Ed Lysyk +    Ed Lysyk+

Dr. Roma Petryshyn    Dr. Roman Petryshyn

Taras Pidzamecky   Taras Pidzamecky

Oksana A. Rewa    Oksana A. Rewa

Eugene Roman    Eugene Roman

Petro Schturyn    Petro Schturyn

Marko Suprun (Awaiting Bio & Photo)

Olya Kurney-Williams        Olya Kurney-Williams

Oksana Zakydalsky (Awaiting Bio & Photo)


2013 Recipients

 Award Recipients


Ms. Yaroslava (Gloria) Tatarniuk

Ms. Ann Kvitka Kozak

Ms. Gladys Andreas

Mr. Vitaliy Kubatskyy

Mr. Yurij (George) Brandak

Mr. Myrna Arychuk

Mr. Lubomyr Huculak

Ms. Paulette (Pawlina Demchuk) MacQuarrie

Ms. Audrey Sojonky

Mr. Anatoliy Ciacka

Ms. Luba Galyuk


UCC Awards Ceremony – September 26, 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal Recipients


Ms. Bozhena Iwanusiw

Ms. Valentina Kuryliw

Ms. Irka Mycak

Ms. Olya Sheweli

Ms. Mary Szkambara

Ms. Hania Szyptur

Ms. Oksana Zakydalsky

UCC Leadership Award Recipients


Mr. Omelan Chabursky

Mr. Walter Chewchuk

Ms. Olya Grod

Mr. Ivan Iwaniura

Ms. Anna Kisil

Mr. Pavlo Lopata

Mr. Bohdan Onyschuk

Mr. Zenon Poticzny

Ms. Renata Roman

Mr. Markian Shwec

Mr. Orest Steciw

Ms. Anna Trojan

Ms. Luba Zaraska