Canadian Media on Ukraine

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  • Globe and Mail Article on Canadian Museum for Human Rights

    Group says rights museum slights suffering of Ukrainians James Adams-The Globe and Mail The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, scheduled to open in Winnipeg in 2013, is slighting the sufferings of Ukrainians here and in the former Soviet Union and needs a “reconstituted” board of trustees and content advisory committee to help set matters right, [&hellip

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    Holodomor in the media and in Parliament

    See also: Holodomor in the News National Holodomor Awareness Week 2010 November 22-28 Documenting a tragedy By David Marples in Kyiv Post This week, Ukrainians worldwide are commemorating the 78th anniversary of the Great Famine of 1932-33, known as the Holodomor (Death by Hunger). In the period 2005-2009, when Viktor Yushchenko was president of Ukraine, [&hellip

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    Edmonton Journal: “Sending Harper to Ukraine sends message of concern”

    Sending Harper to Ukraine sends message of concern BY DAVID MARPLES, FREELANCEOCTOBER 27, 2010 Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s visit to Ukraine this week has offered some clear signals that Canada is concerned about recent developments in Ukrainian politics, particularly violations of human rights, a pro-Russian orientation, and the growing accumulation of power in the [&hellip

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    Winnipeg Free Press: “The message to Mr. Yanukovych”

    Find this article at: Winnipeg Free Press – PRINT EDITION The message to Mr. Yanukovych By: Editorial Posted: 27/10/2010 1:00 AM | Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych Monday declined to join Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper when Harper used the occasion of his visit to Ukraine to talk about the Ukrainian Famine — the Holodomor, as it is [&hellip

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    Globe and Mail Update: With freedom eroding in Ukraine, PM puts his principles to work

    John Ibbitson Published Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010 Lviv, Ukraine— Globe and Mail Update Stephen Harper left for his trip to La Francophonie and Ukraine under a cloud. His Conservative government’s “principled stand,” as the Prime Minister liked to call it, on human rights had lost it so many friends that Canada was shunned in its [&hellip

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    News of Prime Minister Harper in Ukraine

    IN THIS POST: Harper set to discuss human rights on visit Harper denounces communist legacy in Ukraine Harper pushes freedoms, respect for national memory in Ukraine Harper presses Ukraine over deteriorating human rights News of Prime Minister Harper in Ukraine Harper set to discuss human rights on visit Tuesday, October 26, 2010 Postmedia News October 26, [&hellip

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    Harper continues tough-message visit to Ukraine

    More News on Prime Minister Harper in L’viv Harper continues tough-message visit to Ukraine October 26, 2010 by Peter O’Neil-Europe Correspondent-Postmedia News L’viv,Ukraine-Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in one of the world’s few large countries where Canada has considerable influence, used that clout Tuesday to send another tough message to President Viktor Yanukovych about growing Russia-style authoritarianism [&hellip

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    News Coverage of Prime Minister Harper’s Trip to Ukraine

    News Coverage of Prime Minister Harper’s Trip to Ukraine Harper begins symbolic trip to Ukraine Sun Oct 24, 4:24 PM By Jennifer Ditchburn, The Canadian Press October 24, 2010-KYIV, Ukraine – Prime Minister Stephen Harper will tug on the deep familial ties that bind Canada and Ukraine, in an attempt to pull that struggling republic’s [&hellip

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    The Canadian Press: Harper begins trip to Ukraine with message on rights, democracy

    The Canadian Press – ONLINE EDITION Harper begins trip to Ukraine with message on rights, democracy LINK: By: Jennifer Ditchburn, The Canadian Press Posted: 24/10/2010 1:58 PM | Last Modified: 24/10/2010 5:28 PM Prime Minister Stephen Harper receives a gift of bread and salt from women in national dress as he arrives in the region of Kyiv, Ukraine, on [&hellip

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    World Affairs Daily: Ukraine’s Counterrevolution; Russia’s Election Woes

    The End of Ukraine’s Orange Revolution Alexander J. Motyl (Read Bio) Ukraine’s Orange Revolution has officially ended, says Alexander Motyl. Victor Yanukovich, the Moscow-friendly PM routed by the 2004 uprising, is back on top again – now as Ukraine’s elected president – and making up for lost time by overturning restrictions on the presidency that [&hellip

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