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  • Zustrich ukrajinskoji molodi diaspory KYIV-2011

    Шановнi, в залученні лист-iінформація про Зустріч української молоді діаспори “Київ 2011”. Просимо розширити інформацію на вашому терені. Пояснення щодо делегатів та гостей можна прочитати в листі. Якщо виникнуть додаткові питання стосовно молодіжниx організацій та країн учасниць, звертайтися на цей емейл адрес. З повагою, Мирослав Гочак, голова КУМО СКУ UKRAINIAN WORLD CONGRESS CONGRESO MUNDIAL UCRANIO СВІТОВИЙ КОНҐРЕС [&hellip

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    UCC Congratulates Ihor Kozak for being selected “Top 25 Canadian Immigrants 2011″ Winner

    Winnipeg, Manitoba – May 17, 2011-The Ukrainian Canadian Congress offers heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Ihor Kozak for being recognized as being among the “Top 25 Canadian Immigrants 2011”. “For me, the crucial aspect of ‘giving back’ has been staying actively engaged with the Ukrainian Diaspora”, stated Ihor Kozak. “I believe it is paramount to ensure [&hellip

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    Remembering 25 Anniversary Chornobyl Nuclear Disaster

    Australian Federation of Ukrainian Organisations Association of Ukrainians in Victoria Australian Chornobyl Children’s Relief Foundation PHOTO GALLERY HERE: http://www.flickr.com/photos/moravski/sets/72157626650609920/ Details: 5 May 2011 Parliament House – Melbourne •Special Preview Screening of film Precarious – Precarious is a haunting evocation of the aftermath of the explosion at Chornobyl, 25 years on. www.precarious.com.au •Exhibition Chornobyl 20+ http://www.flickr.com/photos/moravski/sets

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    An Invitation from Australia Watch Hopak in the Park April 30 , 2011

    Українці Aвстралії запрошують YOUR ARE INVITED Запрошуємо Вас прибути на наш Фестиваль Гопак в  Парку через інтернет субота 30-го квітня 2011 від год 13.00 за Мельборнським часом http://www.learnbywebcam.com.au/webcasting/stream.php?id=14 Програма концерту також буде на інтернеті після фестивалю www.ozeukes.com Виступають колективи з різних стейтів Aвстралії Гостинний виступ Оркестра Грім з Ню Йорку Можете також тепер заглянути на сторінку,www. catholicukes.org , [&hellip

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    Research Study: Career adjustment of Ukrainian women in Canada

    My name is Jana Kotrcova and I am a graduate student at the University of Saskatchewan. As a part of my Master’s degree, I am conducting a study that is looking at Career adjustment of immigrant women in Canada. The information for this study is collected via an on-line questionnaire which can be accessed at http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/425942/Career-Adjustment-Model-Questionnaire-for-Immigrant-Women. [&hellip

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    Ukrainian Summer School Update‏

    “Mohyla Institute is running a Ukrainian Immerision Summer School this year. We are now pleased to announce our partnership with renowned Toronto based musician and teacher of Ukrainian-Canadian culture and language, Victor Mishalow. This is truly a great opportunity for our students and we hope that this is something your children may be interested in.&#

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    (ON, Ottawa) Ukrainian-Interest Events Calendar – April 2011

    Ottawa Ukrainian-interest Events Calendar – April 2011 April 1, Fri. 7 pm. Screening of documentary film “Hot summer in Norilsk” (in Ukrainian), re the uprising of political prisoners in the Soviet concentration camp in Norilsk in 1953. Discussion with film producer William Burtniak (Hamilton). At Embassy of Ukraine, 310 Somerset St. W. Info: (613) 230-2961 [&hellip

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    UCC Congratulates Ontario on Ukrainian Heritage Day

    UCC CONGRATULATES ONTARIO MPPS AND UCC ONTARIO PROVINCIAL COUNCIL FOR ENACTMENT OF UKRAINIAN HERITAGE DAY Winnipeg, Manitoba- March 30, 2011-The Ukrainian Canadian Congress today congratulated the legislature in the province of Ontario and the Ukrainian Canadian Congress Ontario Provincial Council (UCC-OPC) on the passage of Canada’s first Ukrainian Heritage Day. “In the context of the [&hellip

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    [e-news] March 2011 at The Ukrainian Museum‏

    http://www.ukrainianmuseum.org/enews/2011/1103/ March 2011 In this issue · The Ukrainian Museum’s 35th Anniversary · Tour to Ukraine: “In the Footsteps of Mazepa” · Kinofest NYC 2011: March 16-20 · Victor Morozov in Concert: April 1 · Book Launch: The Jew Who Was Ukrainian · We have just the workshop for you! · Child + birthday + [&hellip

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    CIUS Press release – Ukraine and Canada as witnessed by students

    CIUS Press release – Ukraine and Canada as witnessed by students Contact:           Mykola Soroka                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tel:                  (780) 492-6847 E-mail:             msoroka@ualberta.ca Ukraine and Canada as witnessed by students 1 March 2011 — A student seminar, “Ukraine and Canada as Witnessed by Students,” was held at Edmonton’s Ukrainian Youth Complex on 13 February. This was the second annual seminar [&hellip

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