Honouring the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

Honouring the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred February 20, 2018. OTTAWA. Today, Ukraine marks the Day of Commemoration of the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred (Небесна Сотня).  In the fall of 2013, the Ukrainian people took to the streets in protest against the authoritarian, corrupt regime of former president Victor Yanukovych. This movement known as [&hellip

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Canada and Ukraine cooperate on health care reforms

Canada and Ukraine cooperate on health care reforms  Ukraine, Ontario strengthen ties in health care sector February 15, 2018. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) welcomes the enhanced relationship between Canada and Ukraine on reforming Ukraine’s health care system. Last week, Memoranda were signed between Ukraine and Canada, and Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and the [&hellip

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Defending Europe by Arming Ukraine

Defence and security consultant Ihor Kozak, former officer in the Canadian Armed Forces and Lubomyr Luciuk, professor of political geography at the Royal Military College of Canada, write about the provision of lethal weapons to Ukraine in the Royal United Services Institute News Brief. Original Link here: Defending Europe by Arming Ukraine

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International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day January 26, 2018. OTTAWA. On January 27, the world commemorates International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this day, which marks the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, we mourn the millions of victims of the Holocaust. We honour the memory of more than six million Jews, and millions of other victims – [&hellip

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100 Years of Modern Ukrainian Statehood

100 років Новітньої Української Державності Боже великий, єдиний Нам Україну храни, Волі і світу промінням Ти її осіни. 21-го січня 2018, Оттава. 22-го січня українці всього світу святкують 100-річчя проголошення української державності. Цього дня, 22-го січня 1918-го р Четвертим Універсалом, Українська Центральна Рада проголосила Українську Народну Республіку незалежною, вільною та суверенною державою. Роком пізніше, 22-го [&hellip

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Join #UnitedUkraine Campaign!

Join #UnitedUkraine Campaign! On January 10, 2018 the fourth international #UnitedUkraine campaign was launched. The UCC encourages all who support Ukraine and its unity and the end of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine to participate in the #UnitedUkraine campaign. The #UnitedUkraine campaign is dedicated to the anniversary of the historic Unification Act on January 22, [&hellip

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Defenders of Ukraine Fund – Call for Applications

January 9, 2018. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) and Canada Ukraine Foundation (CUF) today issued a call for applications for the Defenders of Ukraine Fund for projects to assist Ukraine war veterans.  This follows the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between UCC and CUF. Applications are being sought for projects which benefit of [&hellip

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Різдвяні Привітання 2018

Різдвяні Привітання Ukrainian Christmas Greetings

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