Перший світовий форум українознавчих суботніх та недільних шкіл

Освітяни Канади ділилися своїм досвідом із колегами з 36 країн світу Оксана Левицька Голова Національної Української Освітньої Ради КУК 17-22 серпня цього року у Львові відбувся Перший світовий форум українознавчих суботніх та недільних шкіл, організований з ініціативи Міжнародного інституту освіти, культури та зв’язків з діаспорою, директор пані Ірина Ключковська. Вперше в історії незалежної України відбувся [&hellip

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Meet New Presidents of UCC Provincial Councils

Recently, three Provincial Councils of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress elected new presidents. These are Mr. Bohdan Wynnyckyj for Ontario PC, Fr. Ihor Kutash for Quebec PC, and Ms. Joanne Lewandoski for Manitoba PC. Thank you for becoming part of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress! We wholeheartedly welcome our new leaders and would like to share their biographies with you [&hellip

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UCC expresses condolences on the passing of US Senator John McCain

UCC expresses condolences on the passing of US Senator John McCain August 26, 2018. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) joins the United States of America and the international community in mourning the passing of US Senator John McCain. Senator McCain died on August 25. He was 81. Senator McCain, a war hero, six-term US Senator [&hellip

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Greetings from Canada and International Community on Ukraine’s Independence Day

  Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada Statement by Canada’s Leader of the Opposition Statement by the NDP  Statement by Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine     Statement by the United States of America Secretary of State     Statements by leaders of EU states   Statement by the President of France

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UCC Greetings on Ukraine’s Independence Day

  Greetings on Ukraine’s Independence Day   August 24, 2018. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC), representing the interests of Canada’s 1.4 million strong Ukrainian community, extends warm greetings to all those celebrating the 27th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence!   Twenty-seven years ago, the valiant centuries-long struggle of generations of Ukrainian Patriots culminated in the Declaration of Ukraine’s Independence. On August 24, [&hellip

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UCC supports Black Ribbon Day Commemorations

August 22, 2018. OTTAWA. On August 23, Canadians commemorate Black Ribbon Day, the National Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Communism and Nazism in Europe. Established through a unanimous resolution of Canada’s Parliament in 2009, Black Ribbon Day coincides with the anniversary of the signing of the infamous Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Nazi Germany and [&hellip

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Ukrainian Independence Day Celebrations 2018

Every year, the Ukrainian community in Canada celebrates Ukrainian Independence Day. Below, we provide you with the list of events in your province! Events are sorted according to their commencement date. To get more information on the particular event, please click on the corresponding picture. SATURDAY, AUGUST 18, 2018 – Toronto, ON Location: Centennial Park [&hellip

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International community must act to #FreeSentsov

International community must act to #FreeSentsov  Oleh Sentsov’s health seriously deteriorates  August 9, 2018. OTTAWA. The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) calls on Canada and its allies to demand the Russian government immediately release Ukrainian political prisoner Oleh Sentsov and the 70 other Ukrainians illegally jailed in Russian prisons. “Canada has taken no actions against the [&hellip

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