Donor impact

Thanks to your financial support here is a list of some of our work in 2018:

  • Establish the Defenders of Ukraine Fund. A total of $100,000.00 will be used for rehabilitation and benefit of Ukraine’s wounded soldiers and veterans. The recipients of the Fund are:
    • Ukrainian Social Academy for “Boots to Business” a training program for veterans.
    • Donbas ATO Veterans Union, Centre Poruch for psychological support of veterans and their families.
    • Veterans House for ATO veterans providing temporary shelter and rehabilitation programs.
    • Pobratym & Dopomoha Ukraine “Training in Overcoming Combat Shock Trauma and Preventing PTSD for Veterans.
  • Advocating the Canadian government to assist Ukraine
    • July 19, Minister Bibeau announced that Canada is committed to provide up to $50 million annually in support of socio-economic program across the country, building a strong and accountable democracy, and contributing to peace and security in Ukraine and the region as a whole”.
  • Testifying at the House of Commons Subcommittee on International Human Rights, on the human right situation in Ukraine.
  • Participating and coordinating in “light a candle in remembrance”
  • Continuing to inform the Canadian government and Ukrainian community about the situation in Ukraine
    • Daily/weekly/monthly newsletters
  • Coordinating the Parliamentary Internship program for our youth.


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