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Olesia Luciw-Andryjowycz, President

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The UCC–APC is the umbrella body for the organized Ukrainian community in Alberta and has 4 Branches (Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, and Vegreville).Over the past year, UCC APC has maintained its’ increasing level of activity in Alberta including a strong focus on commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Holodomor and continuing to raise the profile of our community organizations and activities. This is a very brief outline of our activities.Holodomor:International Holodomor Remembrance Flame:
In Alberta the Flame and Stefan Horlatsch were first welcomed in Vegreville where many officials and students from the bilingual program participated. Edmonton and Sherwood Park followed with visits to two schools and a media conference. In Red Deer, together with students marching to raise awareness about Darfur, the Flame and the history about the Holodomor was shared with the local community. Calgary UCC organized events including visits with MP’s and a commemoration at their Holodomor monument. The final appearance in Alberta was when Mr. Horlatsch presented the Flame to Premier Stelmach at an event at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton.
Holodomor Bill:
On October 30, 2008, the Alberta Legislature passed Bill 37, the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (Holodomor) Memorial Day Act. This Bill recognizes the Holodomor as genocide and sets aside the fourth Saturday of every November as Holodomor Memorial Day. To commemorate the passing of Bill 37, the booklet “Holodomor Ukrainian Genocide in the 1930s” was distributed to every Member of the Alberta Legislative Assembly as well as to several social studies classes and organizations in the province.
Community Development:
The core ctivity for our organization continues to be community development. Over the past year, activities have included:

  • ACAUR: We are an active member of the Advisory Council on Alberta Ukraine Relations where we raise issues of interest to our community to the provincial government.
  • Community Outreach: We successfully collaborated on projects in Vegreville, Red Deer and Glendon and coordinated the ‘Creating the Vision” Workshop on behalf of the National Board of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress held December 2008 in Edmonton.
  • Consulate of Ukraine in Edmonton: Work to establish a Consulate began and we supported temporary operations until such time as Ukraine formally opens a permanent office.
  • Alberta Education: We are working to ensure that curriculum content about Ukraine and Ukrainians in Canada is accurate and has strong teacher resources to support the textbooks. Currently this includes the Internment of Ukrainians during WWI, the Holodomor and the Grade 3 social studies curriculum about contemporary Ukraine.
  • Hetman Awards: At this annual gala event we honoured 11 outstanding volunteers in our Alberta community. In attendance were many dignitaries including the Honourable Rona Ambrose and the Honourable Gene Zwozdesky.
  • Sponsorship: This past year UCC-APC took on the role of patron and sponsor of the Alberta-Ukraine Genealogical Project which has successfully documented this aspect of Alberta’s history for 3 years.
  • Ukrainian Day: This annual event entertained more than 3300 attendees, special guests and Centennial Pioneer Families. The number of Ukrainian organizations profiled and participating in Ukrainian Day increased, and the annual Luchkovich Award was presented to Mr. Paul Yewchuk, a former MP from Alberta.

Engaging Youth:
UCC-APC maintains its’ commitment to working with and engaging youth in our community. We have worked to involve and support youth in key roles at all our events and sponsor youth delegates for both UCC activities and the SUSK Congresses as well as provide summer employment opportunities.

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