Canada 150 Event-kit-in-a-box

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress was proud to be part of celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation.  As a part of our Youth Engaging Youth project we worked across Canada on many projects involving cultural celebrations, sporting events and other youth oriented activities.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress has prepared this ‘event-kit-in-a-box’ as part of our commitment to celebrating Canada’s 150 Anniversary, with the support of Heritage Canada. We anticipate it will be useful to our community beyond the project’s terms, as well as to other communities looking to engage people and increase their reach. This kit will thus remain as a permanent part of the UCC’s open website, available to all.

The main components of the “event-kit-in-a-box” cover the following areas:

  • Event Planning
  • Social Media
  • Media Relations
  • Templates and Resources

The following pages gather together in one place the lessons learned by our community and the advice of experts. They mean to improve our skills in the three areas identified above. Please make full use of them to raise your own abilities. But don’t stop there. Go beyond this publication in developing your expertise. Share with others what you’ve learned and, in turn, learn from them.

Download (PDF, 5.05MB)