Following the successful XXVI Triennial Congress the Board of Directors of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) has approved the following 14 new committees that are set to address each of the resolutions adopted at the Congress:

  • National Archives Committee
  • Canada Ukraine Stakeholder Advisory Council
  • Holodomor National Awareness Committee
  • National Holodomor Education Committee
  • National Internment Centenary Committee
  • National Ukrainian Education Committee
  • UCC Parliamentary Internship Program
  • Ukrainian-Canadian Seniors Network
  • National Ukrainian Festivals Network
  • Vyshyvanka Day Committee
  • Youth Interorganizational Committee
  • Youth Volunteerism Recognition Project
  • Ukrainian Canadian Arts Network
  • UCC Newcomers Committee


National Archives Committee – Архівний Комітет

The objective of the Archives Committee is to raise awareness about the importance of Ukrainian Canadian documentary heritage, encourage Ukrainian Canadian organizations to preserve their institutional archives, assist such organizations in the establishment, organization, and preservation of their archives and to provide advisory services to Ukrainian community organizations and individuals responsible for archives with regard to best practices and archival standards.


Co-Chair: Maryna Chernyavska

Co-Chair: Andriy Sawchuk




Canada Ukraine Stakeholder Advisory Council – Канадсько-Українська Консультативна Рада

The CUSAC is a forum for consultation and cooperation between the Government of Canada and the Ukrainian Canadian community, to ensure the exchange of information and insights pertaining to the development and enhancement of Canada-Ukraine relations, recognizing the partnership between Canada and Ukraine.


Chair: Paul Migus



Holodomor National Awareness Committee –  Національний Комітет Обізнаності про Голодомор

The National Holodomor Awareness Committee (NHAC) works to raise awareness of the Holodomor in the Canadian mainstream and promote its widest recognition as genocide of the Ukrainian people. It is the goal of NHAC to ensure that the Holodomor is known, understood and accepted in Canada as a significant period in world history with lessons for the world we know today.

Chair: Irka Mycak



National Holodomor Education Committee – Національний Комітет Навчання про Голодомор

The Holodomor Education Committee is the voice of the Ukrainian community regarding Holodomor education before the Ukrainian community, government officials, school boards, and educational institutions, such as the Canadian Museum of Human Rights.

It is the coordinating body for Holodomor education on behalf of the UCC with representation from the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec and British Columbia.

Chair: Valentina Kuryliw



National Internment Centenary Committee – Комітет Вшанування 100-ліття завершення Інтернування

The purpose of the committee is to coordinate commemoration activities of the 100-year anniversary of the end of the Internment Operations across Canada, build awareness and share education tools that teachers can use to teach on the Internment operations in Canada.

Chair: Borys Sydoruk



National Ukrainian Education Committee – Національна Українська Освітня Рада

The mandate of the NUEC is to facilitate communication between Ukrainian language schools in order to enable sharing of resources and information and to continue the work of the networking projects undertaken at the initiative of the UCC.

Chair: Tatiana Sunak



UCC Parliamentary Internship Program – Програма Парламентського Стажування Конґресу Українців Канади

The goal of the program is to train and shape the next generation of Ukrainian Canadian political leaders by providing youth with meaningful political experience through the internship in Ottawa with Members of Parliament for 10 months on policy research, communications, legislative affairs and constituency work.

Chair: Alex Ilchenko



Ukrainian-Canadian Seniors Network – Національна мережа з питань літніх людей

 The network is a forum for discussion of seniors’ programs, facilities and services to identify potential issues and solutions, and work together to assist Ukrainian Seniors’ Homes across Canada with issues pertaining to seniors’ living.

Chair: Dr. Jaroslaw Grod



National Ukrainian Festivals Network – Мережа Українських Фестивалів

 The network consists of representatives of Ukrainian festivals across Canada. The aim of the network is to share information and work cooperatively with members and partners to support, promote and enhance the Ukrainian festivals across Canada.

Chair: Olya Grod



Vyshyvanka Day Committee – Комітет з відзначення Дня Вишиванки

 Vyshyvanka Day committee brings together existing and potential organizers of Vyshyvanka Day celebrations in Ukrainian communities all across Canada. The main goals of the committee are to coordinate celebrations of the Vyshyvanka Day across Canada, promote vyshyvanka (Ukrainian embroidered shirt) as Ukrainian symbol of unity and dignity, and to support local initiatives related to the promotion of vyshyvanka.

Chair: Volodymyr Palagniuk




Youth Interorganizational Committee – Міжорганізаційний Комітет Молоді

The goals that IOYC has committed are greater Ukrainian youth engagement and strengthening of collaboration and support between Ukrainian youth organizations. View committee presentation.

Chair: Liza Zienchuk



Youth Volunteerism Recognition Project Проект “Визнання Молодіжного Волонтерства”

The project will explore the viability of establishing a youth volunteer tracking program to recognize service and contribution of young volunteers.

Chair: Oksana Horich Pastuszak




Ukrainian Canadian Arts Network – Українсько-Канадська Мистецька Мережа

The mission is to support the development of Ukrainian arts as a valuable contributor to quality of life in Canada, to educate the public about the Ukrainian arts, and to develop, maintain and expand a Ukrainian arts and culture database as a strategic resource for all Canadians.

Chair: TBD




UCC Newcomers Committee – Комітет з питань новоприбулих

The committee will bring together community organizations and individuals that support newcomers across Canada; it will identify and address issues newcomers face; share information and coordinate efforts across Canada.

Chair: TBD