2017 Holodomor Student Writing and Video Competition

Holodomor Student Competition 2017
For high school students – 14 to 18 years of age
Historical short story, Historical research paper, Play, Video
Prizes Sponsored by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress
1st place – $500
2nd place – $400
3rd place – $300
Five honourable mentions at $100 each
Deadline: TBA 2018

2017 Winners Announced


The National Holodomor Education Committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, is pleased to announce the results of its fourth Holodomor Student Competition. High school students across Canada were invited to submit either written compositions or create a short video based on historical facts of the 1932-33 Holodomor in Ukraine. Category choices included historical short fiction, historical research essay, play or video.

The qualifying submissions were judged by a panel of four professional educators and historians, who after carefully reviewing each submission, selected three winners. Congratulations go out to:

First place – $500.00

Ayesha Siddiqua (Toronto, ON)

The Survivor (historical short story)


Second place – $400.00

Alexander Haluk (Oakville, ON)

The West and the Ukrainian Terror Famine – Holodomor: Ignoring the Deaths of Millions (historical research essay)


Third place – $300.00

Labiba Islam (Toronto, ON)

The Future of the Famine (historical research essay)


Special thanks to the four adjudicators who donated their time, expertise and energy: This competition was made possible with the generous funding of prize money provided by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, National, the organizing efforts of the National Holodomor Education Committee (Valentina Kuryliw, Chair) and the Toronto Holodomor Education Team (Christine Syniura, Coordinator).

Based on favourable responses to the previous writing competitions, the National Holodomor Education Committee of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, National in conjunction with the Toronto Holodomor Education Team are planning to release the fifth competition to school boards in Canada in 2018 to mark the 85th commemoration of the Holodomor.