National Ukrainian Education Committee – Національна Українська Освітна Рада

Council Chair: Oksana Levytska (ON)

Committee Members

Yanina Vihovska (AB)                               Tatiana Sunak (ON)
Melody Kostiuk (AB)                                 Luba Eshenko (AB)                                    Tania Onyschuk (ON)
Nadia Prokopchuk (SK)                             Lesia Prystupa-Shwec (QC)
Norbert Iwan (MB)                          Zorianna Hrycenko-Luhova (QC)

Press Release: Toronto Teachers’ Conference Concludes with Great Success


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The Shkola website is part of a wider networking project undertaken at the initiative of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress National Headquarters in 2005. The mandate of this project is to facilitate communication between Canadian Ukrainian community schools in order to enable sharing of resources and information. The first phase of this project includes this website, as well as meetings with teachers in four cities: Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary. Later phases will focus on further development of this site, in particular its resource database, as well as meetings with teachers in other centres.


The mandate of the National School Council (Rada) is to facilitate communication between Ukrainian language schools in order to enable sharing of resources and information and to continue the work of the networking project undertaken at the initiative of the UCC. The Rada will continue, through a national advisory council of educators to:

  1. Continue to enhance the website by maintaining the database of Ukrainian bilingual, heritage and Saturday schools and teachers in Canada, teaching resources, etc;
  2. Create public awareness of Ukrainian schools in Canada and promote enrolment in them;
  3. Continue the dialogue with teachers in these Ukrainian schools to encourage exchange of ideas, teaching plans and assignments, curricula, resources, development of new courses and programs and innovation in teaching, etc.

About the Committee Chair: Vlodko Boychuk

Volodymyr (Vlodko) Boychuk brings with him years of teaching experience in Ukrainian language education. He has been working as a teacher and instructor in Ukrainian Bilingual Program, Ridna Shkola (Saturday Ukrainian Heritage School), evening Ukrainian Adult classes and an introductory Ukrainian course at the University of Alberta. Vlodko currently teaches Junior High level Ukrainian classes at Jean Vanier Catholic School in Sherwood Park, Alberta and a Grade 5 class in Ridna Shkola in Edmonton, Alberta.